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The Way to a Man's Heart

                                    John Hoppenthaler

                               for Christy

To sautéed garlic and onions, I add
pureed plum tomatoes, a great splash
of good, red wine. Never cook with
wine you wouldn’t drink, someone
offered, and we agree. I pour a glass.
Later, I’ll add coarsely chopped basil
from the herb garden, sea salt, maybe
a pinch of sugar, and always the drizzle
of extra virgin. But now, as you see,
this extended metaphor is dissolving,
so I’m left with Pinot Noir and the glass,
fresh basil sprigs which remind me of you.
And now there’s musing on the oil’s earthy flavor,
and now this aching hunger, and who is it
who says poetry makes nothing happen?

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