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Paul Allen

You Were Made for This Part

Agatha Beins

Priority Seating for People with Disabilities and Seniors

Jo Brachman

Still Breathing

Mark J. Brewin, Jr.

In Vineland

Nickole Brown



Michelle Chan Brown

Operation (I)

Katy Didden

Apples or Waffles

Anthony DiMatteo

O Mary Lou

Karla Huston

My Lips Are Made of Wax, My Teeth Are Furry Blades, and Other Lies

Donald Illich

All That Happened

Elizabeth W. Jackson


Terry L. Kennedy

Sometimes Winter Comes When You Least Expect It

The Bright Forever

Keetje Kuipers


Diane Lockward

The Third Egg

Christopher Martin

Icarus at Lake Acworth

Thorpe Moeckel

Crossing Peachtree

Alan Michael Parker


The Astronaut

Mike Smith

Improvisation on Newsprint

Window Box

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