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Author Biography

Bruce Bond

Bruce Bond’s collections of poetry include Choir of the Wells (A tetralogy of new books; Etruscan Press, forthcoming), The Visible (LSU, 2012), Peal (Etruscan Press, 2009), Blind Rain (Finalist, The Poets’ Prize; LSU, 2008), Cinder (Etruscan Press, 2003), The Throats of Narcissus (U of AR, 2001), Radiography (TIL Best Book of Poetry Award, BOA, 1997), The Anteroom of Paradise (Colladay Award, QRL, 1991), and Independence Days (R. Gross Award, Woodley Press, 1990). Presently he is Regents Professor of English at the University of North Texas and Poetry Editor for American Literary Review.

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